Permanent Recruitment:

Executive Recruiting

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Key positions require major decisions

These positions include key decision-making and strategic roles, such as chief executive officers (CEOs), presidents, vice presidents, executive directors, board members or department heads.

Executive recruiting is critical to a company’s success, as the people hired for these positions influence the strategy, direction and performance of the organization.

Long-term contracting is a unique operating model at our recruitment agency that allows our clients to benefit from flexible access to high-quality employees for permanent employment. In practice, this means that our specialists are recruited on the basis of detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and then hired on a permanent basis by our agency. However, their contractual agreements allow them to work for the client in a specific role or project that is critical to the organization.

This unique approach not only guarantees the professional skills and experience of the employees, but also gives the client flexibility and control over the team.

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    We offer a Dedicated Manager and Recruiter for your project

    Experienced Manager oversees the entire project implementation process. Represents Progres Group in contacts with the Client regarding the implementation and progress of assigned recruitment projects. Is in constant contact with both the Client and the specialist to check and respond to project needs on an ongoing basis.

    ● Managing the project and the team of recruiters.
    ● Preparation of sourcing/recruitment strategy.
    ● Provide comprehensive reports on project milestones.
    ● Ensure smooth internal and external communications.
    ● Provide substantive support in accounting for candidate performance and evaluation.

    Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie podanych przeze mnie danych osobowych przez Grupę Progres Sp. z o.o. Administratora danych osobowych, w celach związanych z uczestnictwem w konferencjach i innych wydarzeniach oraz w celach marketingowych i statystycznych, przesłania informacji handlowych. Wyrażam zgodę na udostępnienie moich danych osobowych partnerom Grupy Progres Sp. z o.o, w celu otrzymywania od nich informacji handlowych. Więcej informacji na temat celu i sposobu przetwarzania Państwa danych osobowych przez Grupę Progres Sp. z o.o znajduje się TUTAJ.