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We provide modern HR
services for business

Since 2002, we have successfully managed a portfolio of services tailored to the diverse needs of companies. Through experience, passion and responsible decisions, we build lasting relationships that help our partners focus on their core business areas.
We recruit employees from 4 continents. We have found employment for about 250,000 people and continue to fulfill our mission. Taking into account the needs and interests of the employees, we connect them with the entrepreneurs who complete the staff.

Our vision

People and the quality of their lives are the most important link – the common denominator of all Progres Group’s activities. It is with people in mind that we have been constantly developing for more than 20 years, we are always one step ahead of the competition. Every day we use new technologies, set trends and build a friendly working environment.

It is thanks to the people, the excellent experts who make up the Progres Group – and who, like us, are guided by ethics and share the same values – that we can aspire to be the leader of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of comprehensive business services. Regardless of the area of the Progres Group’s activities, it will always be defined by people.

We provide comprehensive HR services

With Progres HR, you will acquire a team tailored to your needs. As part of our cooperation, we offer the employment of temporary workers from Poland and abroad. We reduce the costs and expenses associated with recruitment and staff turnover.
Legalization of employment, payroll, outsourcing
Progres Advanced Solutions is employment legalization services, payroll, business process outsourcing for production, logistics and automotive companies that employ large groups of workers. We offer well-thought-out and precisely planned activities aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of processes.
Permanent Recruitment
It will find you qualified directors, managers, experts and specialists to match your organisation’s expectations. We provide candidates for senior and mid-level positions. We have permanent recruitment experts specialising in a wide range of industries as well as departments within the organisation.
Progres Consulting
Progres HR Consulting and Training trains, advises and supports our customers’ own HR departments. We carry out coaching and personnel consultancy projects. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with specialists in various industries, we support companies in building long-term image and competence strategies.

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    Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie podanych przeze mnie danych osobowych przez Grupę Progres Sp. z o.o. Administratora danych osobowych, w celach związanych z uczestnictwem w konferencjach i innych wydarzeniach oraz w celach marketingowych i statystycznych, przesłania informacji handlowych. Wyrażam zgodę na udostępnienie moich danych osobowych partnerom Grupy Progres Sp. z o.o, w celu otrzymywania od nich informacji handlowych. Więcej informacji na temat celu i sposobu przetwarzania Państwa danych osobowych przez Grupę Progres Sp. z o.o znajduje się TUTAJ.