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We are a team of professionals who employ professionals

Progres HR is our leading business line. For more than 20 years we have been recruiting and training temporary employees, helping to choose the best-qualified and most committed candidates. You can hire temporary employees and screen candidates before entering into a full-time working relationship with them and also entrust us with the HR and payroll services of those already employed.

We support our Customers and Employees. We share our expertise and experience by implementing innovative and professional solutions. Our individual approach, our passion and our commitment mean that we are reliable and deliver projects to the highest standard.

Our services

As specialists of the Progres Group, we offer modern and compatible HR services for all businesses. Therefore, at every stage of our business relationship, you can decide to extend the offer. We tailor our methods of work to your expectations. We specialise in recruitment for the FOOD, HoReCa, construction, trade, industry and manufacturing sectors, among others. We also have an HR Medical team dedicated to recruiting doctors and nurses from Poland and abroad. Check out our offer.

Temporary employment service

Hiring a temporary employee is an ideal opportunity for your company to test a person you want to take on permanently. With us you can test the skills of a potential full-time employee in a real-life setting without obligation. This form of recruitment guarantees the employment of the person best suited to the personnel requirements of your company.


Candidates selected for your company are those who have gone through the recruitment and selection process. This ensures that you are opening the doors of your business to potentially the best employees. You will not waste time meeting people without proper qualifications or experience. When you decide to try&hire with our help, you get the best qualified staff.

Payroll - HR and payroll services

The material profits of our clients are the most important things for the Progres Group. We have achieved this through many years of experience and a high level of comprehensive service which allows our Business Partners to develop the businesses they have.

Process outsourcing

We provide full support for the processes that operate in your company. We account for working time, HR and payroll services, absenteeism, insurance. We offer well-thought-out and precisely planned activities and we are always improving their quality and efficiency. You can focus on expanding your business and we will ensure that you are being assisted by reliable staff with verified qualifications whom you can trust.

The way we operate

Our activities have five stages:


The customer specifies the number of people, types of positions and duration of the project

Quality guarantee

Our consultants keep up to date with the changing market situation

Comprehensive support for a temporary employee

We provide incentive systems and all the necessary HR and payroll documents and employee care

Schedule of hours

Our consultant prepares a summary every month


After the end of the month, we issue a VAT invoice

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What do you gain?

An experienced partner to bring reliable and proven professionals to your business.
Advice on process efficiency, attendance, fluctuation of the workforce and management and motivation of employees.
A guarantee of security and support from experts who will share their experience and knowledge with you.
You will reduce costs by adjusting employment to real needs and the dynamics of the company’s development.

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