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Professional development

As part of our company, we provide comprehensive recruitment consulting services, which are carried out by experienced recruitment professionals. Our services are fully customized to meet the individual needs of our clients, we strive to understand their goals and the specifics of the industry in which they operate. We offer support at every stage of the recruitment process, providing effective tools and strategies to help find the best candidates.

Our job evaluation services include:

Emotional Involvement

Our approach begins by listening carefully to candidates’ needs, goals and expectations. We strive to fully understand what is important to them in terms of career development so that we can tailor our assistance to their individual priorities.

Skills Analysis

With our experience and expertise, we are able to accurately assess each candidate’s skills, experience and potential. This allows us to identify areas where candidates can develop or excel.

Personalized Strategy

Based on the candidate’s profile, we create a personalized job search strategy. We share tips on how to effectively use different sources and ways to search for opportunities.

Professional Resumes and Cover Letters

We support candidates in creating professional application documents that highlight their skills and experience. We help convey their value to employers.

Prepare for Interviews

We conduct simulated interviews, helping candidates gain confidence and the ability to effectively present their experience and motivations.

Soft Skills Development

We identify areas where candidates can develop, such as communication or interpersonal skills. We also advise on how to acquire additional skills.

Tracking the Job Market

We stay abreast of labor market trends and demand for specific skills. We share this knowledge to help candidates make informed decisions about their careers.

Long Term Support

Our role does not end with finding a job. We are prepared to support candidates in building a career for the long term. We act as mentors and sources of information that can help you achieve your long-term goals.

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    We offer a Dedicated Manager and Recruiter for your project

    Experienced Manager oversees the entire project implementation process. Represents Progres Group in contacts with the Client regarding the implementation and progress of assigned recruitment projects. Is in constant contact with both the Client and the specialist to check and respond to project needs on an ongoing basis.
    ● Managing the project and the team of recruiters.
    ● Preparation of sourcing/recruitment strategy.
    ● Provide comprehensive reports on project milestones.
    ● Ensure smooth internal and external communications.
    ● Provide substantive support in accounting for candidate performance and evaluation.

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