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Human resources are the major value and capital of any organization. In Grupa Progres, we are creating our friendly and open corporate culture based on our internal “Code of Ethics” – a set of key principles, beliefs and values which we follow every day. Experience and skills of our employees are an important part of our personnel policy, which is why the employees at Grupa Progres actively participate in a development program. Progres Akademia and numerous plans of succession and promotion as part of our organizational structure. While working in our company, you have a real and direct impact on the development of your career. You decide about the pace and direction of its development.


Progres Academy


A program of training and development for our employees. Experience and knowledge of our employees are the key value and capital of our organization, hence the employees of Grupa Progres, as part of Progres Akademia, have the opportunity to develop their skills through participation in numerous internal and external trainings. As part of Akademia, we take care of development of professional competence, closely related to the scope of duties, as well as soft skills, such as: time management or teamwork. Staff policy of our company is focused on development and promotion within our organizational structure. As part of development and succession paths, we carry out Akademia Lidera trainings, which guarantee relevant certificates after completion. Development planning starts with an analysis of competencies required for a given position within the framework of our business objectives and development needs of the employee. Along with the supervisor, we analyse the level of motivation, as well as current needs and resources of the organization.

Stages of the recruitment process


In order to assess the competence of candidates and employ persons that agree with our corporate culture, our recruitment processes are multi-stage. The number of stages and the recruitment process vary depending on the position. Our recruitment processes usually are multi-stage, in order to assess the competence of candidates and to employ persons that agree with our corporate culture. The number of stages and recruitment process will vary depending on the position. Below is an example of our recruitment process:BOur recruitment processes usually are multi-stage, in order to assess the competence of candidates and to employ persons that agree with our corporate culture. The number of stages and recruitment process will vary depending on the position. Below is an example of our recruitment process:

1. Ad publication. You will find our ads under CAREER tab and at job portals. If currently we are not conducting any recruitment, you can send your application by using SEND CV under CAREER tab. Remember to specify you desired position.

4. Job interview. The goal of the interview is to know the candidate and learn about his/her motivation and career aspirations. During the interview, we assess the knowledge, skills and experience of the candidate, as well as key competences fit for the position and adapted to the company’s corporate culture.

7. Recommendation. With the consent of the candidate, we check his/her references.

2. Selection of applications. Among resumes sent to us, we choose those that meet the requirements specified in the ad.

5. Additional recruitment stages. If the position requires specialized knowledge, we ask the candidate to prepare additional information on professional experience. In addition to the interview, you can be invited to participate in additional stages, which include: knowledge and personality test, computer software test, foreign language test (e.g. Ukrainian, Russian, English).

8. Decision. We present a job offer to the candidate who successfully goes through the recruitment process.

10. Feedback. All candidates who participated in recruitment meetings receive feedback on the recruitment process.

3. Phone calls to selected candidates. We contact selected candidates by phone. The goal is to meet the expectations of the candidate. If they are consistent with our offer, we invite the candidate for the first interview to our office. In case of candidates residing abroad or in remote locations, we can use video phone call.

6. Conversation with the future superior. Candidates recommended to the next stage are invited to a meeting with their potential supervisor in order to verify technical expertise.

9. Employment. Before the formal start of work, each candidate is required to undergo medical examination in order to confirm capability for the job. Each candidate also receives information documents about the first day at work. On the first day, each new employee undergoes occupational safety training and signs a contract of employment.




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Apprenticeship and internship


If you want to gain experience required by future employers and complement your theoretical knowledge, join the internship program at Grupa Progres. Regardless of whether you are a graduate or still looking for you career path, you can become an intern in the Headquarters of our company in Gdańsk or in branches throughout Poland. If you are an ambitious person who wants to learn, send us your CV with information on in which areas you would like to develop your skills. Much depends on your commitment and cooperation with the team. Our company works closely with EURO-FUNDUSZ s.c. A. Klusek, P. Kanarski. Contact us.