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Temporart work

We respresent the business wher professionals are hired by professionals.


Progres HR

Progres HR is our main business line. We recruit and train workers for your company, we help you choose the best, most qualified and committed candidates. You can hire temporary workers, check candidates before entering employment relations and entrust us with HR and payroll handling.



We support our Customers and Employees. We share with them our expert knowledge and experience while implementing innovative and professional solutions. Individual approach, our passion and commitment allow us to keep our word and implement projects while ensuring the best quality.



Time saving and flexibility of employment

By entrusting us with completing a team for our company, you will gain not only time, but also the guarantee of services tailored to your individual needs. We will select only the best candidates that meet your expectations.

Working with us will allow you to appropriately react to the volatility of your industry and fluctuations in the labour market. It is a chance to achieve the best efficiency and lower your costs (e.g. no need to hire workers during downtime periods).

Responsibility for the entire process of acquiring workers and their employment are our speciality (settling working time, payroll handling, absence, insurances). You can focus on developing your business, while we will get you the best, qualified and trustworthy employees.

Employment of a temporary worker is a perfect chance to test the person you want to employ on a permanent basis. With us, you can check the skills of a potential full-time employee in real conditions and with no obligations. Such form of recruitment ensures employment of a person best suited to your HR needs.

Candidates coming to your company are people who have undergone the process of recruitment and selection. This way you can be sure that you open the doors of your company only to the best potential employees. You do not waste time to meet people without proper qualifications or experience. By deciding to try & hire, you will reach the most qualified staff.


Trial period without commitment. Work with the best

Scientific tests

We use different recruitment methods tailored to our costumers needs. We verify qualifications, chek the potential and skills of candidates. These processes take place in stages:

PRACTICAL SKILL TEST: scientific tests, computer tests.

How we work

Our work consists of stages:



  • A dedicated partner that will get you reliable and proven professionals.
  • Help in increasing the efficiency of processes, attendance, turnover, management and motivating employees. We will do it for you.
  • Safety and support of experts who will share their experience and knowledge.
  • You will increase the efficiency and productivity of temporary workers.
  • You will limit your costs by matching employment to the real needs and dynamics of company development.

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